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Industrial Abacus and Computer Interface for the Calculation of Thermal Properties of PVCs Loaded with Palm Kernel Shell Powder

Materials characterization is the part of materials science that allows engineers and researchers to value a material. Considering the quantity of materials and the number of existing property results, in order to make them accessible to solve the problem of material selection, it is important to find an easy way that should allow engineers to consult the data without needing enough sentences. Nowadays, the computer has become a reassuring library. Therefore, the work presented here consists in designing an industrial abacus model and a computer interface that should allow engineers and standardization teams, contractors and hardware dealers to calculate and save the thermal properties of PVC loaded with micronized palm kernel shell powder, although the dosage is known. The industrial elaboration of the loaded PVCs, its thermal characterization, the graphs representing the influence of the shell powder on the thermal properties of the PVCs as well as the mathematical models for the calculation of these properties according to the dosage with this shell powder have been the object of studies in the previous works. From the obtained results, we used a simple graphic method to design the industrial abacus and then the mathematical models of the previous works coupled with the Java programming language, NetBeans IDE 8.0.2 and Lauch4j, to design and implement an adequate computer interface. The results gave us for the abacus that it is simple and practical for workers in production plants and for the computer interface that it is easy to use, requiring neither special skills nor computer training. Practical examples have shown that the use of computer interfaces to calculate thermal properties gives a remarkable speed and accuracy allowing the engineers of construction sites and design offices to use it with confidence, unlike the abacus. These applications have made it possible to obtain that, the valorization of this model of calculation and conservation of the data will allow the researchers and the engineers to use this principle to safeguard the data in the future.

Thermal Properties of PVCs Loaded, Graphical Extrapolation, Mathematical Models, Industrial Abacus, Computer Interface

APA Style

Rolland Djomi, Chantal Marguerite Mveh, Joseph Voufo, Florent Biyeme, Nasser Yimen. (2022). Industrial Abacus and Computer Interface for the Calculation of Thermal Properties of PVCs Loaded with Palm Kernel Shell Powder. Composite Materials, 6(1), 39-48.

ACS Style

Rolland Djomi; Chantal Marguerite Mveh; Joseph Voufo; Florent Biyeme; Nasser Yimen. Industrial Abacus and Computer Interface for the Calculation of Thermal Properties of PVCs Loaded with Palm Kernel Shell Powder. Compos. Mater. 2022, 6(1), 39-48. doi: 10.11648/

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Rolland Djomi, Chantal Marguerite Mveh, Joseph Voufo, Florent Biyeme, Nasser Yimen. Industrial Abacus and Computer Interface for the Calculation of Thermal Properties of PVCs Loaded with Palm Kernel Shell Powder. Compos Mater. 2022;6(1):39-48. doi: 10.11648/

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